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Olive & Company

Faye Hurley

Worcester, MA
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What type of Artist/Maker are you?

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

How did you get started making/designing/etc?

I started as a freelancer and three years ago decided I wanted to create products for myself with my own artwork and that’s how Olive & Co started. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was littler, went to Massachusetts College of Art for fashion design, so I’ve really always loved creating and designing.

How long have you been selling your art/designing/etc?

Olive and co is 3 years old and I’ve been freelancing for 5 plus years.

Is making art a full time gig for you or a side hustle?

Full time

Why are you a maker? What drives you to continue making?

I love to create and make art! I also like to bring joy to others with my art.

What is your favorite thing that you've created and sold at Worcester Wares?

The Greetings From Worcester art print / greeting card.

Do you make/sell other products that aren't sold at Worcester Wares? If so, tell us about what you make.

I have a collection of greeting cards, art prints, journals, gift wrap, pins, canvas totes, and tea towels.

What is your maker process like?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of my drawing on the Procreate app on my iPad. I also love painting in gouache, acrylic, and drawing with pen and ink.

Any upcoming products, projects, events, or goals for 2019?

Hoping to create some more Worcester products with Worcester Wares of course!

If you could give advice to someone thinking about pursuing your type of craft what would you tell them?

I think in any business it’s about relationships and what you’re offering to your customers/admirers. The community you are creating around your art is as important as the art itself.

Tell us a weird/random/fun fact about yourself!

I’ve been drinking a full daily cup of coffee since I was a toddler! Seriously.

What is your connection to the city of Worcester? (Live here? Work here? Grew up here? etc)

Live here.

One thing you LOVE about the city of Worcester.

The restaurants!

One change you'd like to see in Worcester.

More small shops and small businesses!

Worcester Favorites

Favorite Worcester place to hangout:

Love taking my girls to the Green Hill Park farm in the spring and summertime

Favorite Worcester place to get inspired:

Worcester Art Museum

Favorite Worcester food:

Crust and The Queen’s Cups

Favorite Worcester coffee:


Favorite Worcester spot for drinks:

Armsby Abbey

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