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Julio D. Ortiz

Worcester, MA

What type of Artist/Maker are you?

Oil Cityscape Painter

How did you get started making/designing/etc?

I started painting at 5 years old and have been doing it ever since. I went to a children's art school as a child. As a young adult I did some self educating with lots of reading. As an adult I was interested in making art with acrylic paints, pastels and oils. I later got a scholarship to WAM for several art courses which helped me hone my skills.

How long have you been selling your art/designing/etc?

Since 2016.

Is making art a full time gig for you or a side hustle?

Full time.

What is your favorite thing that you've created and sold at Worcester Wares?

My Orson and Coney Island designs.

Do you make/sell other products that aren't sold at Worcester Wares? If so, tell us about what you make.

I do, other paintings not focused on Worcester landmarks.

What is your maker process like?

I like to use a grid approach to my paintings which allows me to scale up smaller images into a large painting. I paint my pieces and work with a photographer to capture images for me to make prints of my work.

Any upcoming products, projects, events, or goals for 2019?

I'm hoping to get an Art Rep this year.

If you could give advice to someone thinking about pursuing your type of craft what would you tell them?

Being a full time artist can be difficult at times. Not everyone understands why someone would devote their lives to creating art. It's so important to be organized, get the work done, and to get it out there. To have great ideas is important, but you must take your art seriously if you want others to. The better the product the better your chances.

Tell us a weird/random/fun fact about yourself!

I used to be a starving artist, but it's not that way anymore.

What is your connection to the city of Worcester? (Live here? Work here? Grew up here? etc)

I grew up in Worcester and live here now.

One thing you LOVE about the city of Worcester.

I love the cityscapes here and I love how much potential the city of Worcester has.

Worcester Favorites

Favorite Worcester place to hangout:

The City Common

Favorite Worcester place to get inspired:


Favorite Worcester food:

The Sole Proprietor

Favorite Worcester event:

The Latino Festival

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