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The Story of

worcester wares

Everything Worcester.

When Jessica Walsh moved to Worcester in 2007 she quickly fell in love. The history, the people, the food, the art, the music - EVERYTHING WORCESTER - was exactly what she wanted out of a place to call home. 

It all started with an "I  Worcester" pin Jess purchased from a vendor at stART on the Street. She was never able to find another one despite her search. She made a few for herself and gave them out to friends who wanted them. Then more and more strangers would ask about them. She clearly was not the only person who loved the City of Worcester! 


She soon began creating more Worcester designs. Pins turned to tote bags, shirts, posters, cards, ornaments and stickers. From there Worcester Wares was born! Soon after she began collaborating with other artists in Worcester working together to design varied products that represented different points of view and styles.   

The Stores

October of 2015 we opened our store on Commercial St at Door 22 of the DCU Center. We have loved watching the business grow over the past few years at this flagship location. We license designs from many local artists to print on products as well as carry handmade goods and gifts made by talented artists in Worcester and beyond. At the store you can find clothing of all sorts including apparel for adults, youth, and infants. Home and office products like tea towels, candles, cutting boards, and glassware. Fun accessories like Worcester themed keychains, jewelry, tie clips, enamel pins, stickers, tote bags, pouches and more. We also provide a large range of artwork to decorate your home or office.

November of 2018 we opened our online shop. Products available online started out limited, but we're now offering almost all of our products online. Check out our shop to see the full offering of what's available.

November of 2019 we opened our second retail location in Worcester. Our second shop is located at the new Worcester Public Market in Kelley Square at 150 Green Street. 

In March of 2020 along with almost all other businesses we closed both of our retail locations due to Covid-19. The pandemic has brought on many challenges for us. We pivoted all of our retail to our online store, and provided a shipping and curbside pickup option throughout this past year. 

In May of 2021 we reopened our Kelley Square location for in-person shopping while keeping our DCU Center location as a hub for our online inventory and curbside pickup. 


In May of 2022 we have reopened our DCU Center location for in person shopping. We are so excited to be back up and running in both locations. Our online store continues to have our full range of products - we offer shipping and have now shifted our curbside pickup option to an in-store pickup option. 

What's Next for Worcester Wares

We are planning on keeping our online offerings going strong and providing in-store pickup and shipping options well into the future. We'll also continue working to create meaningful and safe in-person shopping experiences at our both of our stores.  


Our goal is to provide quality goods that celebrate the city of Worcester to all people near and far. Please let us know what you think! We hope you join us in the journey!  To stay up to date on Worcester Wares follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @worcesterwares, and sign up for our email list. 

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