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Lukas Therien

Worcester, MA
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What type of Artist/Maker are you?

I make both physical and digital work, with a focus on clean lines and simple text.

How did you get started making/designing/etc?

Just kind of evolved over the years as I explored different styles of art through outlets like instagram, finding what really worked best for me.

How long have you been selling your art/designing/etc?

I started taking it seriously about 2 or 3 years ago.

Is making art a full time gig for you or a side hustle?

At the moment a side hustle, but I'd love to one day make it my full time.

Why are you a maker? What drives you to continue making?

Cause it's fun. I don't like to overcomplicate art or add heavy meaning to anything. I just like to enjoy the process and the opportunities that have been presented because of my art.

What is your favorite thing that you've created and sold at Worcester Wares?

It's tough but I'd probably say my Woo Hands design

Do you make/sell other products that aren't sold at Worcester Wares? If so, tell us about what you make.

I make a lot of stickers mostly, but also take commissions and have some originals/prints that have been for sale.

What is your maker process like?

I've never been one for routine so it varies quite a bit depending on what I'm making, but it usually involves putting on some good music and having some tea, seltzer or kombucha to sip on.

Any upcoming products, projects, events, or goals for 2019?

Really wanna start making some larger original pieces and just keep on pushing myself to make/try new things with my artwork. Having more discipline when it comes to creating content more frequently would also be nice.

If you could give advice to someone thinking about pursuing your type of craft what would you tell them?

Don't overcomplicate it. If it's not fun, don't do it.

Tell us a weird/random/fun fact about yourself!

My favorite color has changed about 7 times in my life.

What is your connection to the city of Worcester? (Live here? Work here? Grew up here? etc)

Born and raised BABY!

One thing you LOVE about the city of Worcester.

The sense of camaraderie. For the most part everyone's here to see each other succeed.

One change you'd like to see in Worcester.

A stronger social media presence with event marketing. I always find out about cool stuff last minute. But that's probably more on me. DM me cool events everyone

Worcester Favorites

Favorite Worcester place to hangout:

Dive Bar. Duh!

Favorite Worcester place to get inspired:

I get inspired by conversations much more than locations. So anywhere there's a bunch of creative or supportive people really.

Favorite Worcester historic spot:

I was never good with history.

Favorite Worcester food:

Target in the Lincoln plaza sells the best Lara Bars. Steam Cafe also has some killer smoothie bowls!

Favorite Worcester coffee:

I don't drink coffee, so I'm just gonna say Bean Counter has some great GF cookies

Favorite Worcester spot for drinks:

Dive bar, or the Pint

Favorite Worcester event:

POW! WOW! Worcester

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