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Eamon Gillen

Worcester, MA
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What type of Artist/Maker are you?

Tattooer/commercial artist.

How did you get started making/designing/etc?

Drawing and painting since childhood, tattooing for 13 years.

How long have you been selling your art/designing/etc?

Maybe about 15 years.

Is making art a full time gig for you or a side hustle?

Side hustle.

Why are you a maker? What drives you to continue making?

Feeding my kids! Haha no, it’s a nice diversion from how serious my day job tends to be design wise.

What is your favorite thing that you've created and sold at Worcester Wares?

I like the “Cover The Earth” happy face sticker we just did.

Do you make/sell other products that aren't sold at Worcester Wares? If so, tell us about what you make.

Mostly tattoo related paintings and tattoo flash designs.

What is your maker process like?

Starting off with loose thumbnail sketches then slowly cleaning it up thru overlaid tracing paper and enlarging. Then deciding on color.

If you could give advice to someone thinking about pursuing your type of craft what would you tell them?

Enjoy the process, don’t always worry about the end product and try to have fun.

Tell us a weird/random/fun fact about yourself!

My daughter calls me “daddio”

What is your connection to the city of Worcester? (Live here? Work here? Grew up here? etc)

Mostly grew up here and live here currently.

One thing you LOVE about the city of Worcester.

Safe with good schools.

One change you'd like to see in Worcester.

More outdoor concerts/events.

Any other Worcester Favorites?

Location, easy to get to a lot of places for a day or weekend trip

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Worcester Favorites

Favorite Worcester place to hangout:

Work or home

Favorite Worcester place to get inspired:

Worcester public library

Favorite Worcester historic spot:

Union station

Favorite Worcester food:

John and Son

Favorite Worcester spot for drinks:


Favorite Worcester event:

StArt on the Street

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