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Worcester, MA is the home of the first ever National Woman's Rights Convention!! In 1850 (two years after the Seneca Falls Convention) Worcester was chosen as the city to host the first national meeting for Women's Suffrage. Chosen in part for it's ideal location and also because it was the home of Abby Kelley Foster and Lucy Stone. For two days 1,000 women and men from 11 states filled Brinley Hall and listened to speeches that demanded women the right to vote, to own property, to be admitted to higher education, medicine, the ministry, and other professions. Worcester also hosted the national convention the following year, which was held at City Hall. Want to learn more about the convention? Click Here


This design was created by local artist Danielle Brooks in celebration of Women's History Month. The colors chosen for the design are purple, gold, and white; the colors of the Women's Suffrage Movement. 


The Details:

  • Sticker measures 3" at widest point.
  • Made out of a durable waterproof vinyl material.

National Woman's Rights Convention Sticker

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