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The Worcester Woman's Club, is a historic organization that formed in Worcester in 1880, after the 30th anniversary of the first National Woman's Rights Convention. With the mission of advancing woman's rights and involvement in community betterment. One of their acheivements was the construction of Tuckerman Hall as their permanent home. We love that the building was designed by Fitchburg-born female architect, Josephine Wright Chapman. Tuckerman Hall is now owned by the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra. 


Our "Worcester Woman's Club" design incorporates an architectural feature you can see on the sides of Tuckerman Hall, as a nod to their meeting space and lettering similar to those found on historic documents from the club. This design was created by local artist Danielle Brooks in celebration of Women's History Month.


The Details:

  • Sticker measures 4" at widest point.
  • Made out of a durable waterproof vinyl material.

Worcester Woman's Club Sticker